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I just signed up! – What Happens Now?

Congratulations! You are about to embark on a new adventure. You are going to be challenged to step out of your comfort zone and me a whole bunch of like-minded people, hell-bend on reaching their communication potential. After you have signed up on in the VIDEO LAB FORM the following thing will happen.

1. You will be added to the Video Lab Instagram Chat Group.
This is where weekly updates and event informations is shared with the members.

2. You will get an invite to our feedback platform Get Sandwich sent to your e-mail address.
This is the platform where we share videos and feedback on each others work. This is also where you can review your feedback and track your progress in The 10 Assignments program. Upload a photo of yourself to you profile so that the club members know who you are.

3. You will receive an invoice for your membership fee sent to your e-mail address.
An Invoice will be sent to the email you used when signing up to Video Lab. Pay the membership fee to start you video content journey. Memberships are subscriptions and will be renewed every quarter och year depending on membership plan. You can cancel you membership at any time.

4. Book your first presentation.
You are now all set for starting you video content journey. The first presentation that every Video Lab member does is the Ice Breaker. This presentation is designed to be start you off easy and let you talk about a subject you know very well- yourself!
You will be contacted about scheduling the your first presentation when you membership is paid and you have a registered account on Get Sandwich.

Upload Your First Video

1. Log into Get Sandwich.
2. Click Events in the left side menu bar.
3. Click the Event you are presenting on.
4. Click Edit Presentations.
5. Press + Create New.
4. Prepare your Delivery.
– Add you Title.
– Add a Description and add details about the intended Audience. (Press “…More Options” to see these settings)
– Set Speaker to your username.
– Set you Feedback Preset to Video Presenter.
– Press Create to finish.
5. Click the presentation you just created.
6. Upload your video or embed a YouTube video by click Upload Recording.
7. Tada! You are done. You can now relax and await your club members constructive feedback.

Visit the Video Lab FAQ

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