Video Lab – The 10 Assignments

As a club member of Video Lab you go through a program of 10 assignments. Each assignment is designed to help you improve one specific components that makes a great video: presentation structure, tonality, vocal variety, editing and many other things. Lastly we combine all these aspects into the final assignment.

01 – Ice Beaker – 3 min.

This assignment is to Introduce yourself to the group and get a feel for where your are at with your presentation skills. This is a way for other people in the group to get to know you better.

02 – Structure you Presentation – 3 min.

Use a structure and outline to organize your content. Make a video on any topic. Here is a great example resource.

Use an outline.
– Create and effective opening and conclusion to your presentations.
– Use smooth transitions between your points.

03 – Feedback – 3 – 4 min

Make a video on any topic. Apply the feedback from “02 – Organize your speech”. Create another take an updated take on the last video or create something new with the feedback in mind.
– Remember to add the feedback you are trying to address to the description of you presentation. This will help inform the other members on the changes you made.

04 – How You Say It! – 3-4 min

This time we focus on communicating our ideas clearly, vividly and accurately using the right words and sentence structures. Use rhetorical devices to enhance your idea. Eliminate unnecessary word.

A more detailed description from a similar Toastmaster assignment can be found here.
Find some examples of rhetorical devices here.

05 – Connect with Stories – 3 min.

A good story enhances your speech and makes it memorable. Use stories and anecdotes to enhance your message.
Use at least 1 story in your video.

06 – Vocal Variation – 3 min.

Use voice volume, pitch, tempo and quality to reflect and add meaning to your message.

07 – Effective Body Language (3-4 min)

08 – Effective Use of Visuals and Editing – 3 min.

09 – Engage with Humor – 3 min.

The purpose of this assignment is to use humor as a tool for story telling and to connect with your audience. Create a video that contains at least on joke or humorous story.

10 – The Power to Persuade – 3 min.

Combine different techniques you have learned for previous project to present a talk that persuades the audience to accept your proposal and viewpoint.
To do this you need to appeal to the viewers self-interest, building a logical foundation for agreement, and arouse emotional commitment to your cause.


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