This Years Obsession Reveals itself!

For me each year comes with it’s own discoveries and obsessions!

2015 it was Stoicism.

2016 was filled with New Age and miscellaneous woo woo books. (Eckhart Tolle, Bhagavad Gita, Spiral dynamics etc..)

2017 was the year of Buddhist teachings. (Siddhartha, Beginners Mind, Hardcore Zen, Marathon Monks etc..)

2018 looks like it’s going to be the year of Jungian psychology. An interest triggered by Dr. Jordan Peterson’s “12 rules for life” and followed by “Man and His Symbols” by the man himself. And I’m looking forward to it!

What’s your latest obsession? 😀🤔

Best Books of the Year: #1

#1 “Levels of Energy” by Frederick E. Dodson


Here is something they didn’t teach you in school! The premise of the book is that there are clearly defined levels of consciousness. Basically, people experience reality differently – and act and think in a certain ways -depending on their energy “level”. Dodson lays out his whole spectral energy scale, from 0 – 1000, from the hellish to joy and bliss. It’s quite a ride!

——- WHY THIS BOOK? ———

It’s fascinating! I don’t think it’s possible to read through this book without discovering something new about yourself or the people and environment around you.

————— IMPACT —————

The key to enjoying this book is to not expect to resonate with or believe everything it says. That’s also what open-mindedness is for me – to be able to listen to arguments and ideas that goes against ones believes, then experiment with that new information and see what works – and change views accordingly. You don’t have to believe the content and still you get huge benefits from reading it. Which is really cool! This book was the most interesting book I read this year. It’s super weird, but I think you can handle it! 😀👌🏻

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Thoughts on: “Levels of Energy” by F. E. Dodson

DISCLAIMER: This book contains pseudoscience and mentions of aliens and demonic entities. 😀

I love when I get my hands on a book like this that gives me a new lens through which to see the world.

The premise here is that there are clearly definable levels of energy, each corresponding with different actions, situations, environments, states of mind etc.

The different energy levels (EL) makes up a scale of the progression of consciousness. The better part of the book is dedicated to explaining the scale in detail.

A very simplified version of the energy scale:

0-100: Hellish

100-199: Low & Animalistic Emotions

200-299: Function & physicality

300s : Success & productivity

400s: Intellectual

500: Joy & Love

600-1000: Peace & Bliss

Your energy level (EL) has a baseline but might fluctuate due to certain event and actions. A weekend on the couch in front of the TV with accompanying snacks might temporarily bring someone in the 400:s down into the 200:s for example.

This doesn’t mean watching TV is “bad”. For someone with lower ELs, watching TV is a way to increase their state. TV is great at creating desire, which is a step up in EL from the shame, apathy and guilt of those below 100.

Throughout my life I have been through a lot of the different states Dodson talks about in this book and it’s interesting to see how well my experience fits with his description of the ELs, and also how his description of how one ascends to next level (or descends).

📝 Assuming mask identities can drain a lot of energy. The best thing you can do to improve your state is to stop caring what other think about you.

📝 Relax fully and work fully. Most people think about work when they are relaxing and about relaxing when working.

📝 You experience the world, not as it is, but as you are.

📝 Resistance draws towards us what we resist.

⭐️ TAKEAWAY: To communicate effectively it’s important to know what kind of energies you are dealing with. Each levels demands a different approach.


The most interesting and challenging books I’ve read this year. It’s super weird, but I think you can handle it! 😀👌🏻



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