Thoughts on: “The Sell” by Fredrik Eklund

Top ranking real estate broker Fredrik Eklund reveals all his secrets on how to sell you, your product and how to achieve success in life. Written as a guide to greatness mixed with autobiographical snippets it hooked me instantly. Mostly because of Fredrik’s colorful personality. I truly enjoyed his personal stories and his positive outlookContinue reading “Thoughts on: “The Sell” by Fredrik Eklund”

Thoughts on: “Building a Story Brand” by Donald Miller

Wow, this sucks! The book is just a long commercial for the authors other services and the concepts covered could have been a 15-page pamphlet. —— Wow, this is brilliant! It’s to the point, clear and actionable. ——- Both these assessment are correct, depending how you look at it. But my intention when picking upContinue reading “Thoughts on: “Building a Story Brand” by Donald Miller”