Thoughts on: “Martin Luther” by Eric Metaxas

Luther rejected the practices of the Roman Catholic Church and the practice of selling indulgences (get out-of-jail-free cards for purgatory, basically.) in particular. Thereby he started the era known to us as the Reformation. Let’s jump right into the notes: 📝 He was about to become a law student when he got trapped in aContinue reading “Thoughts on: “Martin Luther” by Eric Metaxas”

Thoughts on: “Nonviolent Communication” by Marshall Rosenberg

Rosenberg teaches you practical skills for getting your needs met in a peaceful way. “Nonviolent communication helps us create a more peaceful state of mind by encouraging us to focus on what we truly wanting rather than what is wrong with ourself and others.” —— Mediocre writing and terrible narration aside (for the audio versionContinue reading “Thoughts on: “Nonviolent Communication” by Marshall Rosenberg”

Thoughts on: Man and his Symbols by Carl Jung

According to Jung, dreams carry an important role, and by interpreting their symbols we can get hints from our unconscious when the time has come to change attitudes and value systems in order to move to the next level of psychic maturity. Dreams are a bridge between the conscious and unconscious. This is my firstContinue reading “Thoughts on: Man and his Symbols by Carl Jung”