I Hired a Business Coach for 8 Months – Here is What I Learned.

A mentor is a person who are already in the position you want to be, or a lot further along on the path you want to walk.This person warns you of pitfalls and shows the shortcuts and supports you when the goings get tough. The mentor calls you on your bullsh*t and challenge you stretchContinue reading “I Hired a Business Coach for 8 Months – Here is What I Learned.”

Experiment: Stretching Every Day for a Year – Here Are The Results!

It all started with David Goggins book Can’t Hurt Me and Sadhgurus book Inner Engineering. Both books talked about stretching in their own way: 📝 Goggins talks about his muscles being so stiff that it was “like pumping blood through frozen beef” before he started to stretch seriously..📝 Sadhguru talks about how asanas, yogic postures,Continue reading “Experiment: Stretching Every Day for a Year – Here Are The Results!”

Lab Report: Wake up at 5 AM

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” – Ben Franklin The morning hours are very focused. The brain is recharged and there are no distractions. No phone calls, no children running around, no meeting or unforeseen events to attend. Imagine having done 10k running, 30 min mediation andContinue reading “Lab Report: Wake up at 5 AM”

Lab Report: Physical Therapy

This is not as much an experiment as it is a new experience for me. Framing it as an experiment makes it more fun though – so that’s what I did! ————————— The Lab Report – 004 – “Physical therapy” ————————— A while ago I got a painful sensation in my right shoulder. I’ve hadContinue reading “Lab Report: Physical Therapy”