Notes From a Year of Reading – Addiction

I have had a few days in a row where I didn’t experience any cravings or took any addictive substances (excessive sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol etc..) It was pretty cool. I don’t think I’ve experienced something like this since I my early teens. Quotes and Notes on drugs and addiction from my recent reading: 📝Continue reading “Notes From a Year of Reading – Addiction”

Thoughts on: The Human Magnet Syndrome by Ross Rosenberg

“The soul mate of you dreams is going to become the cellmate of your nightmares.” Rosenbergs father said this to him as a joke 30 years before he wrote this book. There is a lot of psychological insight in this joke. Especially since Rosenberg grew up to be a codependent. —- In a magnet-like fashion,Continue reading “Thoughts on: The Human Magnet Syndrome by Ross Rosenberg”

Thoughts on: “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts” by Gabor Maté

Dr. Gabors is specialized in the study and treatment of addiction. His book offers portraits of his patient lives, stories about his own addictive behaviors, it examines the causes behind addiction and it breaks down the path to recovery. —— He opposes the weight that’s been put on the genetic component of addiction and pointsContinue reading “Thoughts on: “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts” by Gabor Maté”

Thoughts on: “Drinking: A Love Story” by Caroline Knapp

When I hear the word alcoholic I usually think about the guy sitting on a park bench, too drunk to notice he peed his pants, but even if he did notice, he would be too disconnected from reality to care. This memoir we meet Caroline, she is another type of alcoholic; a “high functioning” one.Continue reading “Thoughts on: “Drinking: A Love Story” by Caroline Knapp”