I’m back in the running trail with a new book in my ears!

Made a glorious return to the running trail today after struggling with a nasty cold for a while. 

Rewarded myself with this book to accompany me on the trail as I prepare for a race I’m running in November.

“Stranger in the woods” by Michael Finkel tells the story of a man that one day decided to just fuck off and go live in the woods. Don’t we all dream about doing that sometimes?! 
What are you reading this weekend? 

Meeting the mysterious @BooksOnTheTub.

05.45 AM – Meeting the mysterious man behind Books on the Tub.

He got a hold of my “to-read”-list and had a few books in his collection that where in the list. So this morning, at un ungodly hour, I meet him in person for the first time and got a stack of interesting books.

  • “King of the world” – David Remnick
  • “The Four Alignments” – Don Miguel Ruiz
  • “Siddhartha” -Herman Hesse



I don’t know if this makes (Z)ense?

When I read books on very esoteric/unusual topics it feels like its pretty hard to review them after just one read. These books are usually pretty condensed and each sentence by itself needs some reflection. 

In an attempt to remedy this I’m reading (in this case listening) the book several times before I review it. Now I’m on my third round of “Zen mind, Beginners mind” which filled with complex ideas and zen paradoxes. Let’s see how that works! 

My first finding from doing this is that it feels like peeling an onion. With every rereading I find another layer of understanding. I wonder how many layers there are!

New Book!

New Book – New Topic.

Reading up on some light theory that might help me in my work as an Environment Artist in the games industry. Let there be light (and shadow, terminator, fill, translucency, caustics etc….)!

Light for Visual Artists: Understanding & Using Light in Art & Design