Lab Reports – Life is an Experiment

You should try different things in life. It’s a way to get to know yourself and the world. Here is a few of my experiments that I have conducted the last couple of years.


009 – 60 Days of Non-Resistance
What happens when we allow things be as they inevitably are?


008 – Meditation – The First 6 Months
365 days of Meditation. How does it feel at the halfway mark?



007 – Lifestyle – Rise At 5 AM Every Day
is it true that early birds catches the worm?

006 – Quitting the News – The First 3 Years
What happens if you stop following the news?

005 – Meditation – The First 100 Days
Meditation is the key to self realization – or so they say! I’ve never really done it for a longer period of time. This is the story of my first 100 days of daily Zazen.
004 – Health – Physical Therapy
Ever Fucked up a limb? I’m Trying out rehab!
003 – Minimalism – The Sock Experiment
A Experiment in reducing everyday complexity and decision-making.
002 – Optimized Breakfast
What’s the benefits of eating the same breakfast everyday?
001 – Growing a Beard
Ever Man Should Try It At Least Ones.