Full Implementation Social Media Content Management

Freeing up time for visionaries and thought-leaders to change the world.

We offer the most friction-free done-for-you implementation service of authentic social media video content.

About our services and us:

YOU provide the source video and WE take from there!

We do everything for you; from editing, to writing texts and captions, to posting and sharing it on your social media profile. Having a even stream of high quality content have never been more effortless. Using this service frees up your time to do more of what really matters! Less busywork, more creativity!

We customized packages based on your needs and goals. Our vision is to build long term partnerships and intimate relationships with our customers. We believe this is key to creating authentic and contagious content. We will grow together and adjust, level up and navigate the ever-changing environments of social media. Book a meeting today and see how we can free up your time and build you audience.


Service: Video Editing with FULL IMPLEMENTATION

Full Implementation package for video content.


  • Editing. Trimming, removing “eh” sounds, tightening up.
  • Visual Elements. Adding logos, texts, sound effects.
  • Storage. Saving all videos in an archive for future re-use.
  • Monthly sync/feedback meeting.
  • Source Material review. We review you video material and isolate usable contents.
  • Caption. Writing relevant and valuable captions customized for your social media audience.
  • Thumbnails. Creation of custom thumbnails for maximum attention.
  • Hashtags. Finding and posting relevant hashtags for you niche.
  • Posting on your social media. Uploading and posting of the video on your profile (optional)
  • Sharing. Sharing posts in agreed upon channels; such as Stories, DM Groups etc. (optional)

Monthly Subscription:

4 Video/Month$349
8 Video/Month$649
We also create custom packages based on you needs.

Trial Package:

We create 3 test videos (1-3 minutes running time) for you based on your preferences and taste.

This is a way for us to develop your style and align expectations for future cooperation.

3 Trial Videos$149

Testimonials for Social Media Video Services

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