Experiments – Implementing Lessons from Books into Life.

You should try different things in life. It’s a way to get to know yourself and the world. Here are all my experiments that I have conducted the last couple of years inspired by my reading and personal development journey.
018 – Being mentored
One of the most common life advise I see in books is to “get a mentor”. So I did! And this is the results!
A year of Stretching Each day.
017 – Daily Stretching for a Year
Can you fix a body cramped up by office work and a anterior pelvic tilt by stretching consistently?
016 – Rejection Therapy
Let’s say you can grow one, but should you?
015 – A Week of Reflection and Planning
What can you gain from taking a step back, zooming out and signing out for a week? Is Bill Gates on to something with his Think Week Concept? I tried it.
014 – Public Speaking – A Journey through the first 10 Toastmasters Speeches.
Can you learn Public Speaking by practicing or do you need to be a natural?
013 – Hunting – Trying out and Ancient Tradition
Is Hunting the mindfulness practice of the manly man or just senseless slaughter?
012 – Meditation – A Year of Sitting every day.
The final verdict of one of my longest mindfulness experiments.
011 – Fasting
Let’s try not to eat for a while. Like 36 hours and see what happens.
010 – Surströmming – Swedish Fermented Fish
How bad can it be?! Extreme foods from the north.
009 – 60 Days of Non-Resistance
What happens when we allow things be as they inevitably are?
008 – Meditation – The First 6 Months
365 days of Meditation. How does it feel at the halfway mark?
007 – Lifestyle – Rise At 5 AM Every Day
is it true that early birds catches the worm?
006 – Quit the News – The first 3 Years
The news cycles focus on the negative got me to drop the news for a few year to see if it had any impact on my wellbeing.
005 – A Year of Meditation – The First 100 Days
What can sitting down and do nothing do for you?
004 – Physical Therapy
Can you Fix Your Hurting Shoulder with a Tennis ball?
003 – Simplified Wardrobe
How to optimize your sock management and reduce unnecessary daily decision-making.
002 – Eating the Same Breakfast Every Day
Can a repetitive breakfast simplify life, or does it suck the joy out of the most important meal of the day?
001 – Beards – Trying a Full Beard
Let’s say you can grow one, but should you?

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