Challenge: Do Something New for 40 Days – Experiment Report

In this 40-day challenged I set out to turn off my autopilot.

Why would you do a challenge like this? New things happen all the time in the fast moving pace modern life, right?!

Most of our days are spent executing the same actions, and in the same way— over and over again. Chances are your life more like Groundhog Day than full of novelty.

😀 Fun fact: Novel experiences makes life subjectively longer. Novel moments are experiences as 36% longer than routine ones. This is known as the Oddball Effect.
The idea for this experiment came from the book The Kings Curriculum. In preparation for self-initiation (the theme of the book) you want to shake yourself out of autopilot and active the frontal lobe of the brain. 🧠
“Behave in a way inconsistent with your patterns by cultivating novel choices that activate your brains fronts lobe. Drive different routes, eat unfamiliar foods, use your non-dominant hand, meet different people, go to strange places, wake up at odd hours as you indulge in a 40-day quest for new experience.”
🔹 Read upside down 🔹
It’s easier than I expected.
🔸 Listen to audio-books on 3x speed 🔸
Too fast! But discovered that I could go higher than expected.
🔹 Jump from a high place 🔹
Jumped from 3.5 meter into water.
🔸 Stop Biting my nails 🔸
Lifelong Vice, now gone!!
🔹 Voice messages 🔹
Answered all DM:s with voice messages. It actually a time saver!
🔸 Starve and Run 🔸
Don’t eat for 24 hours + run 10km. 👈🏻 I don’t recommend this.
🔹 Walk Backwards 🔹
I had a hard time remembering this throughout the day.
🔸Don’t check social for a day 🔸
🔹Create an Instagram challenge🔹
See: #shamestackchallenge on Instagram

See an In-depth video breakdown of the experiment

-Even small changes can trigger big insights.
-it’s scary how hard i found it to come
up with something new to do for 40-days in a row.
-So much of what I do each day in on autopilot!

A great way to shake you out of ingrained patterns and bring awareness and presence into everyday life.
A in depth video on the experiment can be found on YouTube and on the top of this page.
How do you shake yourself out of autopilot⁉️

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