WHY WE SLEEP – Quick Review and How I implemented what I learned.

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker was one of my favorite books last year. A Wake up call to the importance of sleep. It was not just a phenomenal book but also triggered a lot of changes in my life: .1️⃣ I reconsidered my caffeine and alcohol habits..2️⃣ I Increased my sleeping hours..3️⃣ I sleepContinue reading “WHY WE SLEEP – Quick Review and How I implemented what I learned.”

Thoughts on: Raising Lions by Joe Newman

Children of today are confident and powerful, this calls for powerful boundaries. The phase of Omnipotence (14 months to around 2 years) is when children haven’t yet discovered that others have willpower too. A stage of conflict. .Today’s children exits this phase less fully than previous generations. The longer a child stay in this phaseContinue reading “Thoughts on: Raising Lions by Joe Newman”

Thoughts on: Stillness is the Key

Holidays keys to stillness has been inspired by the wisest people and the best of literature, and gives prime examples of people who embodies them—and those who fail to do so..There is not anything new here. Rather the opposite is true. The sources he draws from are old, even ancient. But the book doesn’t feelContinue reading “Thoughts on: Stillness is the Key”

How a Week of STILLNESS and REFLECTION Can Prepare You For A Successful Year

We all talk about the importance of reflection and planning ahead. To slow down, to gain perspective, to make sure the ship is on route. But do we actually take time to do it? What happens when we take a step back and look at the whole picture? THE MISSION:Get some real quality time withContinue reading “How a Week of STILLNESS and REFLECTION Can Prepare You For A Successful Year”

Raw and Unedited Notes from “Lost Connections”

My review could only cover a few of my notes from Lost Connections by Johann Hari. Here is the full set: Additional Notes: “You need your nausea, it is a message, it will tell us what’s wrong with you”. Back then the answer was that depression was a malfunction in the brain. Lack of serotonin.Continue reading “Raw and Unedited Notes from “Lost Connections””

My Year in Books with @danjmartinwa

“I listen to nearly one book per day, plus very many podcasts. I learn something I never knew from each book. Books,like people, know many stories and facts I don’t. Every day the parameter of my ignorance expands just like the universe. Here are some books that really stood out to me this year! –Continue reading “My Year in Books with @danjmartinwa”

My Year in Books with @qualiabooks

Book Year in review with @qualiabooks I’ve read several amazing books this year that have really inspired me in my pursuit of knowledge but there are two particular books that stood out from the rest: 📝 Sean Carroll – “The Big Picture” — 📝 David Deutsch – “The Beginning of Infinity” —- 🌌 Being anContinue reading “My Year in Books with @qualiabooks”

Thoughts on: “The Glass Cage” by Nicholas Carr

The book is about how bad automation erode skill and create unfulfilling jobs which in turn create a self-fulfilling prophecy where previously masterful people makes mistakes pitching in for failing automated systems – human errors that turn into arguments for even more automation. —- It’s easy to discard this books as technophobic but there isContinue reading “Thoughts on: “The Glass Cage” by Nicholas Carr”

Thoughts on: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacsson

Asshole, crybaby or smelly hippie? Steve Jobs can be described in many ways. He certainly was a flawed man, yet brilliant! The products he brought into this world disrupted whole industries, a result of always demanding the impossible. What really stood out for me in this book was how much of a hippie this guyContinue reading “Thoughts on: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacsson”