Thoughts on: The 5 AM Club By Robin Sharma

Video Review of The 5 am Club by Robin Sharma
At first couldn’t stand this book.

It’s tells a fictitious story about an artist and an entrepreneur who meet at a Tony Robbins style self-help event. They both bond with what they believe to be a homeless man, BUT — surprise! — he is actually a billionaire business magnate going incognito. The billionaire invites them to his private island (think Richard Branson) to teach them his secret for success.
Yes! It’s f*cking cheesy! but over the course of the book I started to really enjoy it!
What follows is a practical & entertaining breakdown of the principles that leads to a success:
health, sleep, presence, abundance, massive action, consistency, how you should surround yourself with great people and how your external circumstances usually are reflection of your inner state.

📝 “Becoming legendary is never easy” Stephen King threw the manuscript of his breakthrough novel, Carrie, into the trash. His wife recovered it, read it, and pushed him to not give up.
📝 “The flow of life rewards positive action and punishes hesitation”.

📝 “Don’t let yourself to get exhausted. Ever!” Massive action without burnout? If you know how to pull this off then please share in the comments.👇

📝 “Longevity is the key to Legendary”
Your body and mind is your biggest assets: Protect the asset!
📝 “Procrastination is a form of self-hatred.” Disappoint yourself over and over again and you will eventually recent yourself.
After reading the book I updated my morning routine. I now spend 1h each morning visioning/meditating (20min), learning/reading (20) and workout (20). Getting back to owning my morning—before the kids wake up and the chaos begins— has had a big impact on my well-being and life-trajectory.

Stay away if you are allergic to cheese 🧀 or want #seriousnonfiction. But for me this was the right book at the right time; I was slacking off on the routines that had been the foundations of my positive trajectory and needed a push in the right direction.
I recommend this book to people who are new to personal development or if you need a reminder of the principles that leads to long term success.

I’m hesitant to say this but— I really like it!

What cheesy book did you enjoy more than your like to admit?

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on: The 5 AM Club By Robin Sharma

  1. Hey Bjorn, you discuss massive action without burnout. I think a few keys to that are:

    1) consistency in the day (or day stacking), whether it’s 10 hours or 10 minutes. That slight growth can build up over time, so schedule it.

    2) acknowledging both values/goals and feelings in the moment, some days you are working towards your goal AND you feel like it so you are more likely to spend much more time than on days where you are working towards your goal but not so in the mood at that moment. So some days you only do the scheduled time you have and some days you go way over the scheduled time because you are just having fun. + We are human.

    3) a child-like approach – as we grow up everything seems new, fun, and exciting. Whenever we found something that interested us we just got to enjoy the process of doing because it was new and interesting. When we become adults we move away from that perspective of new, but if we continue to push the envelope or just find something we can “play” with everyday I think it offers a great way to inspire and bring new energy.

    Hopefully these ideas help. A book I found a bit cheesy was “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, but once you get through it I think it can offer great value for anyone struggling with judging themself and/or others, as I did alot before this book. The relatable examples in each I think help solidify the key main ideas. For example, it has a paragraph simply explaining the power of our words and a story of a Mom and daughter. I think of this passage whenever I feel like I might verbally lash out at the world.

    Great stuff man!

    – Ryan

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    1. This is brilliant! Sorry about the late reply. I’ve been on vacay for a while. I really appriciate 3. “a child-like approach”. I think this is key!


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