5 Key Lessons from The Death of Expertise by Tom Nichols (VIDEO)

Takeaways from The Death of Expertise

This book is about the attack on established knowledge. With a quick trip to Wikipedia the average citizen believe themselves to be as informed than their doctors and diplomats. Does this book reek of elitism? Somewhat. But this is an important discussion that needs to be had.

Here are some notes from this thought-provoking read!

📝 We all overestimate ourself but the less competent do it more than the rest of us!

📝 Experts can be wrong. The point is that they are less likely to be wrong than non-experts.

📝 Even if a dentist might do a sloppy job pulling out a teeth, he or she is still better than you!

📝 “No knowledge is complete, and experts realize this better than anyone. But education, training, practice, experience, and acknowledgment by others in the same field should provide us with at least a rough guide to dividing experts from the rest of society.”

📝 Jonathan Haidt: “Almost everyone finds a way to stick to their values and reject the evidence.”

📝 “When feelings matter more than rationality or facts, education is a doomed” Higher education is not the place for you if you can’t take having your views challenged.

📝 Be less cynical about the news. Maybe reporters know more than you? Not everyone is out to fool you. (But vary your sources.)

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