Thoughts on: The Republic by Plato

Did you know that Plato was my rapper alias back in the day? I was 16 and had a gangsta rap group with some friends. Lol 🤙
In hindsight I find the alias quite suiting as Platon seems to have been the OG of political philosophy.
This book is a Socratic dialogue where Socrates and his crew discuss theideal state: the perfect republic.
📝 “One man, one role”. Key ingredients to Plato’s Republic seem to be that people know their place, focus on their strength and mind their own businesses.
📝 Socrates “controversial” idea:
Women are of the same nature as men and should have the same education and be able to take on the same work.
📝 The strong should breed with the strong and have the women and children in common.
📝 Socrates talks about the inherit contradictions of the soul: A man struck by grief holds it back in public but indulge in it when no one sees. Might this contradiction be a reason for coming up with an all-seeing and omnipotent god? If all is seen by god then maybe men would behave the same in public as in solitude?
📝 The Noble Lie:
The lie Plato propose should be told in order to convince people that society is naturally divided. Peoples souls are of different calibers: gold, silver, or a mix of brass or iron. The lie was designed to convince people that the republic is best divided into the 3 groups: the producers, the military and the rulers.
I really enjoyed The Allegory of the Cave that portraits the effects of education and reasoning, as compared to our lack of it in our natural state. It’s an impressive picture and well worth a google if your not familiar with it!
It has been claimed that European philosophy “is only a series of retweets and replies to Plato.” and that’s one of the reasons I’m extremely happy to have read this one. It will be foundational as I continue my journey through the history of thought.
I enjoyed the ride, managed to absorb parts of it, and came out on the other side a bit more educated.
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