Book Review: Lifespan by David A. Sinclair

Video Review of Lifespan by David A. Sinclair with key takeaways

This book will blow your mind with the latest research in the field of longevity. It talks about aging as a disease caused by loss of information—and that aging is not at all inevitable.
Rather, it could be much easier to cure aging itself than it’s symptoms I.e. cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

📝 Death and aging are not one and the same. “Aging is a disease.“

📝 Until today the molecules we have found that promotes longevity has been found by serendipity. Imagine what will happen when we intentionally start looking for them? There are so much going on in the field of aging that if only a fraction of the ideas works out, it will still have a profound impact on how we view aging.

📝 When self-driving cars eliminate most of traffic accidents then where will we get our organs from? Today most organs come from crash victims. An uncomfortable question that needs to be solved. 🤯😅

📝 Aging and Inequality:
Just by living longer the rich are getting richer. And by getting richer they are living longer.♻️

📝 By engaging our bodies survival mechanisms in the absence of real adversity we will be able to push our lifespans far beyond what we can today. The question is how we best do that?

Honestly, one reason why I’m so pshyced about the possibility of a longer life might be that I feel like I wasted a decade of my life by derping around—but also because life is so wonderful now that I’ve stopped derping!

I started intermittent fasting (16:8/18:6) because it’s very likely to promote longevity. A surprising side effect has been that it also frees up time in the morning (no breakfast, no dishes etc.)

The book is a bit too evangelical in it’s positive outlook on things to come. Regardless, I rank this as one of the most important and thought-provoking reads of this year.


⁉️What is the most thought-provoking book you’ve read this year?⁉️

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