Influential Books: WHY WE SLEEP – Quick Review and How I implemented what I learned.

Video breakdown of my takeaways and the implementation of the book Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker.

Why We Sleep – Takeaways & Implementation

This is a new video series where share the most influential books I’ve read. The books that changed my mindset, my worldview, and my way of living.

Why We Sleep by
Matthew Walker was one of my favorite books last year. A Wake up call to the importance of sleep. It was not just a phenomenal book but also triggered a lot of changes in my life:
1️⃣ I reconsidered my caffeine and alcohol habits.
2️⃣ I Increased my sleeping hours.
3️⃣ I sleep more to get more done rather than skip sleep to work more hours.
4️⃣ I use sleep to boost creativity.
⏰ Reasons for 8h Sleep:
– Live longer.
– Enhances memory.
– Makes you more creative.
– Makes you look more attractive.
– Keeps you slim and lowers food cravings.
– It protects you from cancer and dementia.
– It walls of colds & the flue.
– It lowers your risk of heart attacks and stroke and diabetes.
– You’ll feel happier and less depressed and less anxious.
⁉️What book triggered change in your life?⁉️

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