Experiment: 30 Days of Rejection Challenges and it’s Surprising Results

Can daily exposure to situations where we might be rejected build courage and desensitize from feeling of pain and shame?

The idea of Rejection Therapy is to get rid of fear and aversion of rejection by putting yourself in situations where you are very likely to be rejected and do it on a regular basis. The frequent exposure to rejection is meant to desensitize you from the pain and shame rejection often bring.
I am not the same person coming out of this experiment as when it started. Not that I’m totally fearless now or anything. No, my key insight has a slightly different angle. My main takeaway is that amazing things can happen if just ask for things we want. To be honest, many of the most noteworthy and memorable experiences I’ve had the last couple of months comes as a result of this challenge.

Here are a few highlights from my month of rejection.

⭐️🍊 I asked to help out refilling the fruit court in the local store. The oranges became my responsibility.

⭐️🍕 I ordered myself a pizza and asked if I could get it in a perfect square shape. The pizza man said he would do what he could to achieve it. When I picked up the pizza I was meet with a smile by the man behind the counter. He told me it had been a challenge for him, but he sure sounded happy with the result. He thanked me for making his day more interesting. Haha!

⭐️👕 I contacted t-shirt company, of which I’m a big fan of, and asked them to sponsor me with clothes. I estimated an 85% rejection probability. Now, a few week later, we have set up a partnership and I just received a shit ton of awesome t-shirts in the mail!

A few weeks after my outlandish ask, a box full of clothes landed on my doorstep.

⭐️📖I contacted the super entrepreneur and author of Oversubscribed and Key Person of Influence, Daniel Priestly, and asked him to do a shoutout for my book club. We where just about to study his latest book. He said yes!

What I failed with in this experiment was to be rejected. I didn’t do wierd enough asks, I reckon. BUT I was surprised how many wonderful things, big and small, can happen if we just dare to ask. It almost makes me regret that I didn’t realize this earlier. How many experienced have I missed because I never asked?! 😀
⁉️Are you letting fear of rejection limit you in your life ⁉️

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