Thoughts on: Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract

The ideas of having read it was more exciting than actually reading it..

Sometimes the idea of having read a book is more exciting than actually reading it. That’s the case with The Social Contract.
But “fun” and “easy” is seldom what we strive for in our quest for understanding. I knew this would be challenge to get through the works of the major thinkers of the history of the world.
That said; after finishing the book ,and with a few YouTube lectures in the bag, I feel it was an endeavor worth the effort.
Here are some notes:
📝 With the SOCIAL CONTRACT man loses his natural liberty—the strength of the individual—in exchange for civil liberty: which is limited to the GENERAL WILL.
📝 What is this GENERAL WILL? The will of the people as a whole. The common good.
📝 Rousseau: “It’s always in times of crisis that laws are easily passed that would never have passed the scrutiny of the public otherwise.” (Paraphrased)
Sweden today: Laws have been changed to give the government power circumvent parliament, enabling them to act faster in the battle against CoVid-19 crisis. 🦠
📝 Wise men/women can come up with concepts and ideas that the public doesn’t understand and will therefor not stand behind. This is where the divine is called upon. We use “the gods” to make the laws seem natural. By turning the laws of men, into laws of nature. 🌳
⭐️ TAKEAWAY: The big takeaway for me does not come from the book, BUT from what I realized about myself by reading it. I have the ability to read and understand the big thinkers and learn from them (with some occasional help from YouTube lectures). I can turn books like this one into building blocks in the puzzle of the history of thought.
I’m super pumped to continue this exploration of human thought journey! Learning about Hobbes and Locke. Kierkegaard and Nietzsche. All the rest!
When I’m old and grey I might actually have insightful philosophical lessons to share to the deaf ears of my grandchildren 😂 👴🏻 🧐
⁉️What big thinkers are on your list to study?⁉️

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