Experiment: A Week of Reflection, Stillness And Planning.

How can a week of planning and reflection help you steer your ship the right direction?

One thing that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time is to take a week each year where I focus solely on reflection and planning.
Ideally, this would be a week where I locked myself in a cabin, alone, with a few note pads, a pen, and some carefully chosen reading material. Isolated and disconnected.
The stay would help me realign, reflect and evaluate the year that’s gone by and what to do with the months ahead.
This has not been working out with my current life situation. But you can’t wait for ideal conditions because then nothing will ever get done. Therefore I will do a scaled down version of the project this year.
⭐️ THE SETUP: ⭐️
🔸 1 week of focus.
🔹 Start off with a day, alone, at a spa hotel to slow things down. (Best Christmas gift!! Thanks!).
🔸 Very Limited Internet use.
🔹 All down time dedicated to meditation, reflection, planning.
🔸8 hours of sleep for optimal creativity.
🔹Limited input from books, podcasts, tv etc.
🔸Limited output in terms of content creation, messaging, DM:s and everything else. (Have prepped 😉).
🔹 No alcohol.


🔸 A detailed 6-months strategy.
🔹 Review of journals, notes and events from the last 12 months.
🔸 Tons of ideas for new projects.
🔹 A deeper understanding of where I’m heading.
🔸Updated and re-evaluated short, mid and long term goals in all aspects of life (Health, Wealth, Relationships and Purpose)
In 2021 I’ll do the real thing with cabin and whole shebang 😉 (No, not the punk band. I’m doing this alone.)

⁉️ How do you ensure you are steering your ship in the right directions? What tools do you use? ⁉️

How did it go? Here is the full report!

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