My Book Year in Review – Part 1

βš–οΈ This year had a rough start with severe work-life balance issues but now I feel I have greater momentum than ever going into 2019.

πŸ›  I promised myself to make 2018 a very practical year and it has been just that! A lot has been done during the year that I’m very proud of:

βœ… – Nicotine free (100+ days in!)

βœ… – Established a mediations habit (80 consecutive today)

βœ… – Preformed 5 speeches.

βœ… – Co-founded a small book club

βœ… – Kept my gym and running routine for another year.

βœ… – Stoic challenges!

βœ… – Started the ’Video Content Club’.

βœ… – Did my first Podcast appearance.

βœ… – Made new friends!

βœ… – One post a week on Instagram.

βœ… – Had a great year with my family!

πŸ“š There has also been time for books; more than 40 of them! And the coming days I will post about the five books that stood out the most for me in 2018!

❓What practical actions did you take during the year? I know a lot about your intellectual achievements, now I want to hear about the practical stuff! πŸ€”

Published by BookLab by Bjorn

Book reviewer and human lab rat on a mission to put life changing books in the hands of 1 million people. By providing reviews of the best books money can buy on the topics of psychology, philosophy, human nature and human potential, I hope to inspire you to take on the calling to lifelong learning.

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