Thoughts on Classics: “The Stranger – Albert Camus

The Stranger is presented as a first person narration by Monsieur Meursault. A man who get imprisoned for shooting “an Arab” on a beach.


It’s a quick read, somewhat depressing, and very absurd. I like it! Especially thought provoking is the fact that Meursault excepts to be judged for his crime (murder) but is instead is judged by his character because he did not cry at his mothers funeral and the fact that he was seeing a comedy at the cinema the day after his mother’s death.


Reading it gives me a sense of unease as I’m are used to sympathize with the main character. Meursault don’t care about being likable. Another striking thing about this books is Meursault detached way of observing the world.


Here is a conversation after his friend have been beating up a girlfriend of his:


“Then he wanted to shoot a game of pool, and I just barely lost. Afterwards he wanted to go to a whorehouse, but I said no, because I don’t like that. So we took our time getting back, him telling me how glad he was that he’d been able to give the woman what she deserved. I found him very friendly with me and I thought it was a nice moment.”


📝 The Classic beginning:

“Mother died today. Or yesterday maybe, I don’t know. I got a telegram from the Home: “Mother deceased. Funeral Tomorrow. Faithfully yours.” That doesn’t mean anything. Maybe it was yesterday.”


💭 Thought:

Haha, when I think about it, the way Monsieur Meursault expresses himself in this book is very similar to how I write in my journal. Short sentences. Very detached and emotionless. Giving small and big events the same weight. A journal entry could look like this: “My son took his first steps today. I need to eat more vegetables. Today I received The Stranger in the mail. Looking forward to reading it.”


On the topic of baby steps; I’m taking my first stumbling steps into the world of classic literature. I feel it’s much harder to write about these types of books than non-fiction. Anyway.. I enjoy it!


What are your favorite classics? Which one are wanting to read? 🤔




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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Classics: “The Stranger – Albert Camus

  1. I will make it a point to pickup the STRANGER, THE. I will give it a try and see if I can remember the last time I read that book as a kid in YA. I have to say that if I am reading fiction that without a style classically trained, to make sentence arrangements with a poetic fire and your, is the biggest concern that I have to take my style or represents that whole heart, the same generality as Rudyard Kipling, only coming in the next generation of progressive fiction but the style is a little confusing to some people who were all reading alot but only purchase books by Stuart Woods, Patterson and Maybe at best I saw that someone would order a Stephen King classic, like Needful Things our minds so easily compared, most of the people I work with are dunces. I’m one of narcissist dunces, enough time to get to know my other side. I will make you likewise animals


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