A reading update! All over the place as usual!

No book review this week due to stomach flue. 🤮


But I thought I could share an update on what’s going into my mind these days!


📖 “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts” – Gabor Maté, M.D.


Absolutely brilliant book about addition. Dr. Maté is sharing his experience working with addicts in Vancouver worst drug districts. His book provides us with a more sympathetic and informed view in addition. I can’t put it down!


📖 “Man and his Symbols” – Jung & Co.


Less than 100 pages left. A truly great book, even though the part I’m at now, about modern art and symbolism has been quite a snooze.


📖 “Transurfing” – Vadim Zeland


My antidote to the depressing feelings induced by Sebastian Jungers “Tribe”. Law of attraction and reality creation extravaganza. It’s “out there”, it kinda works, and it’s fun! 👌🏻


📖 “The Long Walk to Freedom” – Nelson Mandela


I have a hard time getting into this one for some reason. I just seem to choose Gabor Maté’s book over it every single time.


Enough about me – What I’m really interested to hear is what you guys and gals are reading? 😀🤔

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Book reviewer and human lab rat on a mission to put life changing books in the hands of 1 million people. By providing reviews of the best books money can buy on the topics of psychology, philosophy, human nature and human potential, I hope to inspire you to take on the calling to lifelong learning.

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