Thoughts on: “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” by Cal Newport

Could it be that more we focus on finding and following our passions the more discontent we become with our work? Cal Newport makes an argument that you should throw passion aside and get really good first, then passion will follow!


So what makes for an rewarding career? Room for creativity, Impact and Control are some important factors – and how do you attain that? You GIIIT GUUUUD at something rare and valuable!


📝 on Deliberate practice: “If you’re not uncomfortable, then you’re probably stuck at an “acceptable level”.


📝 on Craftsman mindset: Focuses relentlessly on what value you can offer the world.


📝 on Passion mindset: Focus on what the world can offer you.



Make small bets. In the wake of Tim Farris “The 4-hour work week” tons of people quit their job to become bloggers with passive income streams from internet sites. Lifestyle design is cool and all, but many became disillusioned quickly and realize how hard it is to make money online. Make many small bets when you are transitioning into a new area of work instead of only one really big one.. Ask yourself what are people really willing to pay you for? And prove it. Some things will have to remain just a hobby.




This is the perfect book for someone who just starting his/her career. But for the ones of us that have 15-30 years of work experience have probably already learned these things (maybe even the hard way), and have less to gain from this book. If that’s the case, then then study these books and concepts instead:


📖 “Bhagavad Gita” about freedom from outcome.


📖 “Mastery” by Robert Greene about being persistent.


📖 “Outliers“ by Gladwell about deliberate practice.




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