Thoughts on: “Turning Pro” by Steven Pressfield

This book is about the struggle against Resistance that keeps us from pursuing our creative endeavors.

It is this Resistance that makes us hate ourselves, and that breeds undirected discontent.

The world is made up of amateurs and professionals. They are both dealing with the same material (the pain of being human and struggle of self-sabotage), but they have fundamentally different approaches on how to deal with it.

The amateur dreads becoming who she really is because she fear that this new person will be judged and rejected by the tribe.

The amateur replaces ambition with addiction. Drugs, alcohol and other distractions; like drama, social media, porn, the news, food keeps the amateur from doing the actual work required.


BookLab Video review of Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

When we turn pro people will attempt to make us feel guilty for the change we are undergoing. Sacrifices will have to be made and habits will shift.

When we turn pro we face our fear.

When we turn pro, everything becomes simple. Turning pro is a commitment to do the work.


📝 “Our work is a practice. One bad day is nothing for us. Ten bad days are nothing.” Because we are pros.


📝 The amateur identifies with his ego. That’s why he is terrified. He competes with others and rates himself in relation to others.”


📝 “Krishna said we have the right to our labor, but not the fruits of our labor. He meant that the piano is its own reward, as is the canvas, the barre and the movieola”


⭐️ TAKEAWAY: The amateur dreads becoming who she really is because she fear that this new person will be judged and rejected by the tribe. But the fact is that nobody gives a shit and there is no tribe. People are to caught up in their own bullshit to care. Realize this and you’re free to do what the fuck you want.


Fantastic book! Your will save yourself time and effort by underlining what you find unimportant, rather than the other way around! 😀👌🏻



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