Niche Books That Really Tickled My Fancy!

best niche books of the year

Now and then you need something completely different to spice thing up. I wanted to highlight a few cool books that stand out from what I usually read:


Heavy metal, dungeons and dragons, huge egos and code! It’s the the story of Id software, the creators of legendary games like Wolfenstein, DOOM and Quake. It’s fucking amazing and a must read for anyone with a ounce of nerd bubbling within.


I don’t watch TV much, but when I do, I watch Hoarders! It’s a guilty pleasure of mine. This book is about is not an exploitable freak show though, but a deep dive into the psychology behind the behavior. I loved it!


Bondage, drugs and rock n roll! A Hilarious (and sometimes very sad) California punk rock biography. The audiobook is especially awesome since it’s read by the band members. I enjoyed it immensely!


Want more best of 2016?  Read the full list with all it’s categories here!

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Book reviewer and human lab rat on a mission to put life changing books in the hands of 1 million people. By providing reviews of the best books money can buy on the topics of psychology, philosophy, human nature and human potential, I hope to inspire you to take on the calling to lifelong learning.

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