Biographies You Should Read ASAP!

I did a “favorites of 2016” last year on my instagram and I thought it would be a good addtion to my blog. Good book recommendations are always relevant, right? The list for 2017 is coming soon butthese books sure are worthy gifts for loved ones this holiday season!

Favorite Books of 2016 – Biographies

My Pick:

Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson (Audio / Paperback)

I read a lot of really good biographies this year, making this a tough category for me. But I think “Einstein” deserves the top spot. Most biographies have one or more parts, even the really good ones, where you lose interest because connect with certain aspects of that persons life.

“Einstein” didn’t have that even though it’s a brick of a book. It phenomenal from start to finish.


Runners up:

Read the full list with all it’s categories here!

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