Thoughts on: “Light for Visual Artists”

There are two areas into which I want to spend more of my reading time going forward; classic fiction and textbook learning materials.


This one falls in the latter category – which is the harder of the two to write interesting post about – and as reading material these types of books can be pretty dry & boring, but the purpose here is not primarily to be entertained but to learn a new skill or expand your expertise within a certain field.


📝 Most diffuse surfaces, such as wood and rock, become darker when they become wet. This is because the water is reflecting off the light in a specular fashion, and so less light reaches the underlying surface.


📝 Different skin colours react differently to light. Caucasian skin has the greatest color variation due to its lack of pigment, so that blood has more influence on the color of the skin.


📝 Direct reflection is the kind of reflection associated with mirrors: rays of light hitting the surface are reflected back at the same angle relative to the surface, thereby creating a recognizable image.


📝 The limited range of color a device like an computer screen can display is know as it’s gamut.


A must have for the visual artist, whether you are a painter, photographer or digital artist. The text is clear and every phenomenon imaginable is illustrated in great detail with photos and examples.


Especially the first part of the book stood out to me – The Fundamentals of light – it’s hard to see the world in the same way after gaining full understanding of light, shadow and color.


What really niche subject did you read up on this year?! 🤔



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